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You Don’t Need to Be Fixed

You don’t need to be Fixed; you are just out of balance.  This is a statement that brings many of our clients to tears.  Why?   Nothing is worse than thinking you are broken, you are no good, can’t be repaired.   Our therapists do not FIX You; You are not broken.  We just bring them and their lives back into balance.

It can be challenging to achieve balance in life. Some believe it’s impossible to have a balanced life if you’re committed to succeeding at the highest level. Maybe that’s true, but most people don’t need to become a billionaire or a movie star to consider themselves successful.  Certainly, you may want to change how you do a few things, but you don’t need to be fixed.

Success and a balanced life are possible.

One of the secrets to having a balanced life is determining ‘what you are really chasing?’   What do I mean?   Well, most people who are ‘out of balance’ are looking for a solution to a problem; or trying to fill a ‘gap’ in their life.   Based on research data and our TRTP experience over the past 10 years, we know when an individual is out of balance, the cause can be found somewhere in their childhood or past unresolved events.

Is Your Life out of balance?

How would you know if your life was out of balance?   There are lots of symptoms, yes, symptoms that your life is You do not need to be fixed.  You are prefect just as you areveering out of control.  You will see them in your bank account: overspending/under-earning.  Your health will give you a sign.  Constant illness, tiredness, headaches, that feeling of ‘not being 100%!’   You will either frantically exercise or abuse your body with junk food, drinking, smoking or all three!   Your relationships will suffer. You won’t have time for anything, anyone, become moody, lack focus and direction, and keep racing without a clear goal or direction.   Very often, clients call us asking us to fix them.  But they are not broken, they need realignment with their values, goals and intentions, but they don’t need to be fixed.


You often spend too much money when your life is out of whack. When you work hard day after day, it is not unreasonable to think that you deserve a treat, so you whip out your wallet. Unfortunately, it’s easy to overspend your income. The pleasure you get from spending money never lasts long.

  • On the other end of the spectrum, your income is likely lower than it could be if you’re not paying enough attention to work.
  • Putting too much or too little attention on work can have negative financial implications.


  • If your life is out of balance, you’re likely to exercise too little, eat poorly, and suffer from excessive amounts of stress. You can also suffer from insomnia. Your health is one of the first things to go downhill when your life is out of balance.


Your relationship with your friends and family can suffer. I am a work in progress and I do not need to be fixedOne of the other casualties of an out-of-balance lifestyle is your relationship with other people. Your relationships can suffer, whether it’s your spouse, partner, children, friends, or other family members.  Consider the consequences of damaging your relationship with your spouse and children. Are the other things you’re spending time on worth it?

Taking Time Out

  • You don’t have time for the things you enjoy. Do you love to watch football? Go out with the ladies for dinner on Thursdays? Whittle totem poles in the garage? An out-of-balance life lacks the time necessary to enjoy your hobbies and other enjoyable activities.  This is an easy area to fix.  Link your values to your activities, and you will find the time for the things you love to do.

Moody and Irrational

  • Your mood suffers. Are you cranky, intolerant, angry, or feeling hopeless? Your life might be out of balance. People with an out-of-balance life often resent the time that people and unrelated activities require.
  • Angry, Irritable, Unhappy, Depressed or Anxious 
    It’s not easy to feel good when your life is out of whack. A consistent bad mood is a terrible burden for you and everyone around you. Everyone suffers when a family member is miserable.

Lack of Focus

  • You lose the ability to focus.   A lack of sleep, a horrible diet, no exercise, and no social life can tear down your ability to focus your attention productively. As your mind and body wear down, you can’t stay on task as well.
  • You’re also spending too much brain power focused on other things. If you’re eating dinner with your family but lost in your thoughts, you are not focusing on sharing a meal with your family.

No Time to Enjoy Life

  • You either won’t take it or can’t enjoy a vacation. If you can’t, or won’t, make time for a vacation, your life is out of balance. This can be a great test to determine if your life is under control. If you are not sure if your life is unbalanced? Plan a vacation and see what happens!

Do You Need to be Fixed?

What changes do you need to make to bring it back into balance?   The first step is booking an appointment with our TRTP – The Richards Trauma Process therapists – Stephen Gardiner or Cheryl Else.  You don’t need to be fixed!  What you need are perspective and rebalancing.   It’s time to find out if your past influences your current life and future with unconscious Core Beliefs that dictate your decision-making.

If your health, relationships, and especially your happiness are important to you,   Ask yourself:  Where would I be without them?  Call 1300645354. 

Act today to bring your life back into balance! You’ll be so glad you did!

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