Reframe Your thinking to changfe your future

Your Mind is Always Listening

If you are like me, you have possibly had a few issues controlling how your mind thinks about all your fears and phobias during the past two years.  Did you realise that Your Mind is always Listening?   To every bit of news TV and medical experts have bombarded us with.  All the fear about covid: you must be vaccinated, or you will die, versus if you do get vaccinated, you will die!!  Mental torture was created as you tried to decide what was right for you.  Yes, Your mind is always listening, hearing and storing all that negativity.

Next was the fear of missing out  – FOMO.  Should I buy now – from houses to fridges or a new car? Everything is in short supply!  Buy now, or you will have to wait ‘forever!’  Adding to all the ‘fear’ drama’ is now:  RECESSION… oh my, we are all going to lose our homes as the interest rates rise by 2%.   Yes, your mind is always listening, and it heard that stuff too.


Today, I want you to stop for a moment and think’ about how you are dealing with all this.    There’s just one thing you need to remember…

Your mind is always listening.

Every word you say and thought you think becomes a blueprint that your mind works to turn into a reality.   For example, if you are constantly catastrophising, dwelling on the worst-case scenarios presented by News, You live in a state of fear.  Your body constantly pumps cortisol, and adrenaline into your bloodstream as the Fight, flight, freeze, Fawn survival mechanism is triggered.  The trouble is you stay hypervigilant.   In this state, you cannot think clearly.  Emotions cloud our minds.  Your fear becomes overwhelming.  Fear takes over your thinking, your actions, and everything you do.

Fear Effects Your Future Success

I’m about to share how these fears affect the rest of your life, and sabotage your ability to succeed and enjoy true abundance.

Imagine another situation.  One that affects your job, your future.  Think about being asked to speak in front of a group of people.  What are the thoughts that pop into your Mind?

“I’m shy and can’t speak in front of people.”  Often, you know it’s not true!  You may be a little scared, coupled with a bit of excitement.  But usually, it begins as a little apprehension, a little fear, or even a phobia.  But as we give this ‘I can’t’ thought power, the thought becomes your reality.  It’s what I call negative looping—a pattern of negative behaviour that starts with your thoughts.

So, how about making a promise to yourself today to change that?

Promise Yourself

Remember, your mind is always listening…

Your thoughts become your words…What you think becomes your reality

Your words become your actions…

Your actions become your habits…

Your habits become your values

Your values become your destiny.

You must update your thoughts and replace them with strong, powerful, and dynamic words to succeed.   So, change that if you feel nervous about speaking in front of others.  Tell yourself, “I’m excited, passionate, and committed. I can do it, and I am doing it, I do it.”

“I will do this. I am creating this. I am unstoppable. I’m moving toward success. I’m doing it.”    

Mantra for Success

Turn this into a positive mantra for everything in your life…  Start every ‘reframe with the words:

I CHOOSE TO KNOW It is safe for me to:

BE …….



Whenever negative thoughts pop up in your mind:  Squash them!   If they are persistent, tell your Mind to “SHUT The f…. UP”

I CHOOSE to know:     “I can, I will, I always, I am.”

Consistently feed your mind these positive statements. Soon, it’ll not only be what you do, but who you become.   You will have broken your negative looping by making this simple but powerful change.   Remember your mind is always listening.  You know how you interrupt your negative looping pattern…  Do it, and unlock greater confidence, happiness, and success in all areas.

You can become the positive force you need in your life.   JUST DO IT!


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