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Value Yourself

Values, good service, and ‘fair exchange’ are the cornerstones of any business. Natural therapists often undervalue themselves and the service they give and the change they bring to their clients. This reflects a lack of confidence in either themselves or self-worth. There is a mis-conception by ‘New World therapists’ that they must gift their skills to the world. Its time to change that belief! Money is exchanged for service given. The more organised and valued the service given, the greater the reward. Lets start adding value to Natural and alternative therapies.

If it’s not been proved it’s not true!

As a scientist myself for a long time I believed that if something could not be proved then it is not true. Talk about flawed thinking! There are many things in this world that happen and cannot be proven by science. Even though it can’t be proven it still happens. This being the case, then …

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Who is the most valuable? You or Others?

The other day I was talking to someone who said that they had to have a big marriage ceremony because the family expected it. This was going to put a considerable financial strain on them. So here was someone who was going to go into debt to have an expensive wedding because the family expected …

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