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What is Hypnosis?

You think ‘consciously.’ All your self-talk, acceptance, rejections, intellect, free will and your decisions, are all made consciously. But, the real power house of your thoughts is your sub-conscious Mind! Every bit of everything you have every seen, heard, smelt, tasted, felt or thought about in stored in Your Unconscious. Like the Hard Drive on your computer you unconscious mind stores everything. But like a Hard drive sometimes our Unconscious Mind needs a re-boot, a partial bit of formatting, or a few files updated or some corruption removed. Hypnotherapists access you Unconscious to re-frame, resolve, or re-program outdated files that maybe slow you down or no longer serve you. You are always in control. Hypnosis helps you de-frag and get back to living your life on your terms.

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5 Tips to Conquer Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is debilitating and holds many people ‘prisoners’ of their own imagination. This type of anxiety usually starts with shyness, but is almost always increased by ‘well-intentioned’ prompting by others. “Don’t be silly… theres nothing to worry about!” (And of course, something happens!) There could be trauma, bullying or mocking memories but ultimately it is our own ‘imagining’ disasters happening that keep us frozen. Life is for living. Here are some tips and hints to help you overcome your fears and start interacting with others.

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Your Past is Your Key to Success

The foundation of our identity has been set by the time we are 7 years old. We absorbed everything, good or bad that happens. Everything we hear, see, feel or experience we believe is ‘about us!’ Our beliefs are based on these perceptions. That is scary. Imagine asking a 7 year old to make decision for your future. As we grow, these ‘unconscious beliefs’ determine how we view our world. Most are not true but influence us nonetheless. Its time to change. The key to success is facing the past, updating our beliefs and moving into the future with confidence and a new identity.

How to Be More Assertive

Most of us are not born ‘assertive.’ It is a learned skill, but it is very necessary. We need to know how to politely say ‘No’; how to express our needs; and to be calm and clear when dealing with others. Those who can communicate their views, pleasure and displeasure to others without creating offensive are rewarded for their skills. Leadership is a combination of empathy, understanding and assertiveness. Practice your skills.

Value Yourself

Values, good service, and ‘fair exchange’ are the cornerstones of any business. Natural therapists often undervalue themselves and the service they give and the change they bring to their clients. This reflects a lack of confidence in either themselves or self-worth. There is a mis-conception by ‘New World therapists’ that they must gift their skills to the world. Its time to change that belief! Money is exchanged for service given. The more organised and valued the service given, the greater the reward. Lets start adding value to Natural and alternative therapies.

If it’s not been proved it’s not true!

As a scientist myself for a long time I believed that if something could not be proved then it is not true. Talk about flawed thinking! There are many things in this world that happen and cannot be proven by science. Even though it can’t be proven it still happens. This being the case, then …

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Who is the most valuable? You or Others?

The other day I was talking to someone who said that they had to have a big marriage ceremony because the family expected it. This was going to put a considerable financial strain on them. So here was someone who was going to go into debt to have an expensive wedding because the family expected …

Who is the most valuable? You or Others? Read More »

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