The Past Gets in The Way

As with everything thinking of the past can be both negative and positive. Thinking of fun and positive parts of the past can bring up feelings of joy and love. On the other side of the coin thinking of negatives of the past can bring up feeling of guilt, anger and despair. We have a choice we can either think of the positives or the negatives of the past.

You Do Have A Choice

What if you did not have a choice? What if the negatives of the past are Past Mattersconstantly being played and you can’t choose to shut it down?
Normally, past stress and trauma are turned into memory when an event is over. This means that you come down from that place of high anxiety to a place of relative calm. We go to high anxiety with stressful or traumatic events because it is a way of survival.

Stuck in the Past

Unfortunately, with some people, the stressful or traumatic event is not turned into memory and you stay in a state of high anxiety and stress. In the long term, this leads to anger, depression, PTSD, and other symptoms. In this situation, you do not have a choice, you remain in the negatives of the previous events.

The question is, how do you get out of this trap? The answer is that your body and brain must know that the event or events are over and you are safe and that you must have power over these past stressful and traumatic events.

There are ways to do this but the traditional ways usually take a long time and often involve drugs. The use of hypnosis enables you to resolve events that caused stress and trauma quickly and effectively. In just 3 sessions you can resolve the events and break free from the negatives of the past.

You can thrive rather than survive!!

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