Am I in hypnosis?

A comment I frequently get from clients is, was I in hypnosis? The question here is what is a hypnotic trance? This is a hard question to answer as we all go into hypnotic trance in different ways and it varies from time to time.

Am I in a TranceDefinition of Hypnosis

There are many definitions of hypnosis but I like; hypnosis is a state of focus and acceptance that causes a change of state.
We all spend our lives going in and out of a trance.  In fact, we will probably spend about 70% to 80% of our lives in a hypnotic trance. The easiest way I know to be hypnotised is to watch TV. I’m sure everybody has watched a show where they are so absorbed in the action that even though things are happening around them they do not react to. They know ‘what’s going on’ but pay no attention to it. The truth is they are in a light trance. TV knows about this and they put the adverts on loud as they know that you are in a light trance and when you are you are more accepting.

In reality, hypnotic trance is very much a part of our lives; we are just unaware of it.

If you want to achieve trance with a hypnotist you must go with the flow and accept their suggestions 100% no questions asked. A hypnotist will never give you suggestions that are harmful to you and cannot make you do something that you don’t want to do. Here is a clue, you have to want to make a change for hypnotherapy to be successful!!

Signs of Trance

There some certain signs that indicate a person is in trance, some of these are;
Physiological Changes

  • Head dropping (as if falling asleep)
  • Shoulders are slumped
  • Breathing changes
  •    Muscle tone changes, including micro muscle changes
  • Changes Occurring on Skin
  • Skin tone alteration (skin usually becomes droopy and soft, unless, innate to the person
  • Change in skin complexion
  • Skin may feel warmer or colder than usual
  • Eye
  • Rapid eye movement (twitching of eyelids)
  • Less blinking
  • Tears may flow
  • Glazed or flickering eyes
  • Transfixed on a single gaze
  • Face and Facial Muscle Changes
  • Flexed jawline or other changes
  • Softened face
  • Facial and Bodily Movements
  • Involuntary micro-movements like the twitching of the body or the lips
  • Pulse and heart rate slowing down
  • Lip-licking
  • Swallowing (which slowly ceases over time)

If you want to successfully go into trance then don’t have a preconceived idea of what trance is and accept the suggestions given to you 100% no questions asked.

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