Are you suffering from PTSD

Are you suffering from PTSD?    You know, feeling some or all of these emotions….

  • feeling highly anxious,
  • flashbacks,
  • easily angered,
  • survivors guilt,
  • hyper-vigilance

My name is Steve Gardiner and I know exactly how you are feeling!  I was diagnosed with PTSD.  Back in the ’70’s, I was a medic in a rather nasty war.  During my time in the army,  we had, saw and did a lot of things that you would not normally do.  Things most of us would prefer to avoid being involved in.  I left my country and moved overseas.  I thought a change of scenery would help.  First I studied in the UK.  Then I moved to a tropical paradise.  But I could not outrun my mind.

I Could Not Out Run My Thoughts

If I read articles or books about war or conflict and could not sleep after it.  Watching war movies I got angry at the slightest thing, I used to think that was who I was.

I tried all sorts of things and they did help to a certain extent but the symptoms of PTSD remained. It was not until I came across The Richards Trauma Process or TRTP that I was able to break free from PTSD. The method utilises hypnosis and is quick and effective. I was so impressed that I became a practitioner of this method and now spend my time helping people to overcome PTSD, stress, anxiety, and depression.

Call me now on 1300 64 53 54 and book in a complimentary session to find out how this process can help you move from surviving to thriving.    Check out Testimonials here 

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