Break free from what’s strangling you?

Have you ever wished you could break free from the ‘nagging thoughts’ that seem to pop up when you least want or expect them to?

In Queensland, there is a remarkable tree called a Strangler Fig. A bird will eat the berries from this tree and when it flies away it may drop one of the berries into a nearby tree. This tree then becomes ‘the host tree.’  The berry germinates and puts out a little probe into the tree trunk so it can suck nutrients and water out. As time goes on the Strangler Fig grows down and around the host tree, all the time pushing probes into it and sucking nutrients and water out. Eventually, the Strangler Fig reaches the ground and puts out a root system. By then the Strangler Fig has sucked all the nutrients and water out of the host tree and kills it.

Break free from emotions What’s the Strangler Fig in your life?

What is it that holds you back? Is it that you don’t feel good enough, you can’t be seen or heard, or is it because you deserved to be punished? These are common limiting beliefs that we have and they and others sabotage us and prevent us from making a change in our lives. They are called limiting or unconscious core beliefs.

These beliefs come from before we are born when we are born and as we go along in life. The funny thing is that most of them are not true and they are often beliefs of other people.  At high school, I had to learn a second language. I really struggled with this and spent many years telling people that I could not learn a second language. Later in life, I went back to this country.  Due to circumstances, I had to learn the language, and quickly.  The result – I’m now completely fluent in the language.  What I believed was not true.  When the circumstances changed, so did my results.  This happens all the time.  Our ‘unconscious mind’ tricks us and we believe what it is telling us.  But 90% of the time, it is simply an old limiting belief and not true!

Unconscious Limiting Beliefs

If you want to make the change you first have to break the limiting beliefs that you have. The beliefs that sabotage you. After all, if you do not feel that you are good enough or that you are not worthy how can you make a change?
Breaking limiting beliefs is the first step in overcoming things such as long term stress, anxiety, and depression. Hypnosis allows you to break free from your limiting beliefs quickly and permanently. Limiting beliefs hide deep in your unconscious mind.  Hypnotherapy enables your therapist to give suggestions to the unconscious mind that will break these beliefs quickly and efficiently.

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