Get Angry, Take Back Your Life

The Richards Trauma Process

The TRTP therapy Process that I use to resolve past stress and trauma requires the person to get angry. Almost all past stress or trauma has anger attached to it. Whether the event relates to an accident, abuse, misconduct, or lack of care, then there will be anger attached to the perpetrator or event.

Yes.  You Can get Angry

Recently I had a client who said she could not get angry.  I explained the TRTP process to her and how hypnotherapy allows ‘the person’ to access this anger quickly and effectively. I pointed out that using hypnosis she ‘would be able to go back to the event as an empowered individual who could say or do anything to the perpetrator.’  My client smiled a big grin. She told me that she had always fantasised being able to do exactly that to the person who had abused her.

Don’t Be A Victim

The client went back to the scene (in a hypnotic trance) in control and certainty as a victor and not as a victim. Get AngryThere was a lot of body movement and cursing before she let me know that she had finished. She came out of ‘trance’ with a massive grin on her face.  It was obvious how good she felt.
Two years have passed. My client transitioned from a meek and mild person to an empowered woman achieving what she wants from life.

Release the Anger

Often it is not that you can’t get angry, it’s more you are afraid to get angry. Afraid of the consequences or what people think will of you. Unfortunately, by not expressing anger you take it inside of you and it poisons you.
To stop being a victim of the past often requires you to get angry, are you up for that? That is the question you have to ask yourself.

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