No Relapse Worries

The major thing that scares smokers when they think about quitting, is relapsing. The Quit Smoking Experts 4 step hypnosis process to stop smoking takes that worry away. First, there is a Guarantee (T&C applicable) and secondly, after 14 years and hundreds of clients Steve Gardiner – The Quit Expert knows what works and has an enviable success rate. All you need to do is want to quit, book an appointment, and turn up. After your session, there is some homework to do. Easy Peasy stuff, but guaranteed to make you a permanent non-smoker.

How to Overcome Addictions

Addictions affect nearly every part of your life. Unfortunately, addictions also become progressively worse the longer you have them. Some of the most common addictions include addictions to alcohol, drugs, food, smoking, shopping, and gambling.  Some other activities which people do not associate with being addictions are being a gym junkie or constantly exercising; workaholics; …

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How to Overcome Addictions

When you’re addicted to something, (smoking, gambling, drinking, over-eating, sex) you are a slave to the addiction.
You are the one who should be in control of your life! Is it time to make a change?

Righteous Anger

Is your anger justified? Are you angry in the protection of yourself or others! This protective anger is often called righteous anger! You have a ‘right’ to be angry in the circumstances. We need to be able to ‘access’ righteous anger’ to defend and protect those who cannot protect themselves.

7 Essential Herbs

Herbs add extra flavour to food but they can also contribute a lot to our health and wellbeing. Herbs contain antioxidants, essential oils, flavonoids, saponins, tannins, vitamins and minerals, all compounds that are beneficial to health. Basil – aids digestion, boosts the immune system, lowers blood pressure, stimulates mental and physical energy and relieves tension …

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