The brain having a thought

Do you have a fear that keeps you from doing things you would like to do? So often, this is just the brain having a thought!  I was chatting with my grandson, recently.  He mentioned he was too scared to stay on his own at home.  I asked him why.  He had seen a scary video and was afraid that what he saw in the video was going to happen to him. 

Logic and Immagination

As an adult, logically it does not make sense, however, as a child logic and reasonable thinking doesn’t mean a thing.  As children, we use our imaginations every day.  In the past, imagination was what we used to keep amused.   We let our imaginations run wild and created fantasies all the time.  Today kids have lost that skill.  When their thoughts and imagination run amuck, it creates fear. Now kids are controlled by fear and it is extremely limiting.

Our subconscious mind does not know the difference between true and false, real or fantasy.  It is our belief and our perception that makes it real.

We have thoughts all the time but it is important that you do not let your unconscious thoughts, especially the negative ones, rule your life. That applies to so-called good and bad thoughts.


When you think about our thoughts especially when it involves fear are not true. We build up all sorts of thoughts about the fear in our minds and often when we face our fears that are not so bad. In fact what happens is:

F – false

E – expectations

A – appear

R – real

In fact, when you think about it,  all that is happening is that your brain is having a thought. Keep that in mind and when you find yourself going down the fear path tell yourself, “STOP IT”. You will be love how effective this can be.

In my mind, I have given that ‘little voice’ inside who tricks me into believing ‘something will go wrong’ – a name:  Miss Take…   So I tell ‘Miss Take’ to Stop It!

At Transformations, we teach you how to do this method and control your thoughts rather than letting them control you.

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