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At Weight Loss Therapist in Capalaba, we see many people that have tried all sorts of methods to lose weight. They have lost weight through dieting and exercise but after losing the weight they put it back on again. Why?

One of the biggest problems is most weight loss programs do not include ‘changing’  your ‘thinking’. It is essential to exercise and eat healthily, however, unless you change ‘why’ you eat.. you will lose weight only to gain it again later.  Your deeply ingrained habits about food and eating are ‘unconscious.’  They are habits created in your childhood.  If you don’t change the habit, you will not lose weight longterm.

Learnt Habits

It has been scientifically proved that we get most of our learnings during our Imprint Years between being born and the age of seven. When I talk to most people about how they ate in those first seven years just about all of them will tell me the following:

  1. They couldn’t have dessert unless they finished all the food on their plate
  2. Think of all the starving people in the world that don’t have food.

weight loss

In fact, people think that if they don’t eat all the food on the plate they will insult the person who prepared the food. Combine this with the fact that a dinner plate is quite large which encourages large portion sizes.

Why Do You Overeat?

If you want to change habits ingrained in your unconscious mind, hypnotherapy is one of the best ways to do this. Hypnotherapy allows the therapist to talk to your unconscious mind and change the thinking that contributes to putting on weight.  When you combine the Mindset change with exercise and eating the right foods and you have a very powerful agent for change. There is no need to diet, if you change your thinking then you will eat small portions of food instead of pigging out at each meal, in fact, you may soon find that you even leave food on your plate!

I challenge you:

For the next week, leave a spoonful of food on your plate every mealtime!   Its harder to do than you think!

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