What is hypnosis

I Think Trance Is

I think trance is….

A simple statement with so many different answers.   The No 1 question I am asked by clients is: ‘what is hypnosis?’  Followed by ‘What is trance?’   I am totally amazed by the different things that people believe, have heard, or even expect to happen when they visit a hypnotherapist.

As they say, perceptions are your reality, and unfortunately, most of the fears and misconceptions people believe about hypnosis and hypnotic trance were formed while watching TV or a stage show.  These ‘hypnosis shows’ are designed for entertainment.  Hypnotherapy and hypnotic trance is for ‘therapy’ and is carefully designed with a result in mind.

At Transformations, we try to ensure all clients completely understand ‘what a hypnotic trance is’ what the clients part in the process is, and what the therapist will be doing.  We want to be sure the client has no fear, no hesitation, and feels completely safe, comfortable, and confident they will achieve the result they expect – safely and quickly.

Why is Understanding So Important?

When someone has an ‘idea’  of what trance is,  it does two things:

(1) It reduces the client’s focus and concentration and

(2) if the trance is not as You (the client) imagined it to be, You may think that you have not gone into trance, that the process is not working or that You have failed in some way. When this happens you start to question the process.   By educating our clients ‘what to expect’ we eliminate ‘false expectations’, and our clients can relax and enjoy the process.  Ultimately this achieves the best results.

Trance is Different for Everyone

Relax in Trance

The reality is:  when it comes to a hypnotic trance,  it will be different for everyone, and, usually different every time.  There is no right or wrong.  Your therapist will control the depth of the trance, you control everything else.  And that ‘everything else’ depends on your emotions, your physical energy, did you eat before and many other factors.

Don’t Worry About Trance

I had a customer to Quit Smoking in Capalaba recently who did not think that she had gone into trance. When I asked her about this she told me that she did not feel as if she had gone into trance as it was not the way that she imagined that it was going to be.   When I explained how I knew she had, she just laughed.   How did I know she had gone into trance?  She displayed several signs.   Some of these signs were: the breathing slows down, the facial muscles relax,  the mouth or jaw sags a little, and skin colour changes.  There are many signs that your therapist is looking for.  Remember, your therapist is specialized in ensuring the perfect result for you.   Just relax and trust the process.

When you come for a hypnosis procedure the best piece of advice that I can give you is to be open to the process and take it as it comes. Don’t try to control it, just allow it to happen and enjoy the process. If you do this, you will enjoy the process and you can expect a successful outcome.

Hypnosis is a relaxing therapy.  Sit back close your eyes and enjoy the moment.

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