Second Hand Smoking – Death in Disguise

Passive Smoking

Second-Hand Smoking
Passive Smoking Kills

Second hand or passive smoking is the effects of smoking that you get when someone else smokes around you.  The way that most people think that the only way they be affected by second-hand smoke is by breathing in the smoke from someone else’s cigarettes.  This usually happens when you are in the company of people who are smoking or when you walk out of a public place into the cloud of smoke created by the people smoking outside.  The effects of this ‘second-hand smoke’ are the same as if you have actually smoked a cigarette.   It exposes you to all the dangers of smoking such as cancer, emphysema, heart attack, and many other problems.  Research has shown that non-smokers who have lived in close proximity to smokers often develop the same medical conditions as the smoker over time.

Other Ways Nicotine Affects You.

When you smoke nicotine is released into the smoke and is eventually deposited onto the surfaces that the smoke comes in contact with.  Anyone ‘touching’ these surfaces will absorb particles of nicotine.  When absorbed into the body,  Nicotine causes the blood vessels to constrict and your blood pressure to rise and exposing you to the danger of a stroke.  This causes stress in your body and there is a direct correlation between stress and cancer.  Nicotine is easily absorbed into the body through the skin, so when you touch a surface coated in nicotine, the nicotine is absorbed into your body.   The absorption process works more quickly in young children and infants.


A recent study of e-cigarettes has shown that these devices produce more nicotine and even more vapour than a normal cigarette. Therefore, even more, nicotine will be deposited on surfaces around the smoker.  The level of nicotine varies between manufacturers and this is another problem.

As a smoker, you are exposed to the effects of smoking directly and these ‘risks’ are well documented.  However, you also are exposed to the same effects of second-hand smoking as ‘non-smoker’ as your clothes, skin and your equipment (think phone, computer, wallet) all become covered in nicotine.   Everyone you ‘touch’ after smoking receives a ‘little bit’ of your cigarette too!

It really does make sense from a health point of view to quit smoking.  If you can’t do it on your own, see a Hypnotherapist and ask for help to Quit.

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