The Trap

Caught in The Smokers Trap

How dare you sneak up

Lured me with your scent

You have imposed a false lifestyle

And stolen my health

Big man, tough man, standing so tall

Glamour in adverts and movies

With your taxes and all

I saw you from childhood

I was conditioned to see

That this is the coolest

The best way to be

Dragged kicking and screamingThe Smokers Trap

No will to resist

Into Venus flytrap, I gradually slipped

Two dozen years later

Already tired and sold

How did it come to this

With your uncompromising hold

I can’t even work or answer the phone

Without reaching for a smoke

How am I so prone?

Ink now to paper desperate to stop

Smoke surely billowing

As these words are being cropped

With your scares and your tactics

You have caused me to crash

Cutting down and killing millions

You have turned them to ash

But I want now to tell you

That a candle still burns

Deep inside yes, my spirit still churns

Restless and anxious its chatter so loud

One day I will stub you

It will make me so PROUD !!!

Courtesy of Patrick Collins

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