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Life After You Stop Smoking

When you think about your life as a smoker as you get older, what do you see?  Sickness, financial strain, lack of mobility, teeth, lung, I do not smokeheart problem!  What if you decided to quit smoking today?  IMAGINE your life after you stop smoking. What would be different about your life in, say, five, ten or even 20 years?  Most smokers think about the cost of giving up smoking.  You know the price for pills, potions, acupuncture or hypnotherapy.  But the cost of continuing to smoke cigarettes is far more expensive.

The Cost of Smoking

The benefits of quitting smoking reach far beyond the obvious health benefits, even though health is often a driving force behind people deciding to give up smoking cigarettes. If You fast-track 20 years into your future, a decision to quit cigarettes today would have repaid you enormously.

After 20 years:

Your risk of stroke, heart attack or any coronary disease has reduced to that of a person who has never smoked.   Life after you stop smoking just gets better and better.   Less coughing, less sickness, more mobility.  Your body is smart, it can heal itself.  But not if it gets a daily dose of poison from cigarettes, chemicals and nicotine.

After 10 – 15 years:

You have reduced your risk of lung cancer by 50% compared to your outcome if you had continued to smoke.
However, in addition to reducing your medical expenses, there are also massive financial benefits. The average smoker ‘burns’ through $250-$400 a week on smokes. That is a whopping $13,000 a year! If you project that savings for 20 years – $260,000 goes a long way to paying off your new home.

Heal your body Stop smoking cigarettes

Early Benefits Of Quitting Smoking

You don’t need to even project 10 to 20 years – just think about the changes in 5 years: You will have saved around $60,000 – that’s that brand new 4 x 4 Toyota you have always wanted.  Or a deposit on an investment unit 0r home.
As the years go past after you quit smoking those cigarettes your chances of conceiving a baby improves. Fertility problems can arise when one or both people smoke. Impotence in men is common, as are miscarriages during pregnancy in women.
Every year you do not smoke you save around $13,000. An extended trip to Bali – time in the sun. Your smell will have returned and you feel healthier. Gone is the cough, the lack of energy and exercise is easier. Overall, life has become easier, your body working as it should and a lot more cash to splurge on enjoying life.

Decide to Stop Smoking Cigarettes

All this comes with making a simple decision: Stop Smoking! Do it today. Pick up the phone and BOOK your Appointment. Stopping smoking and starting to live your Best Life is as simple as:
1. Decide to Quit smoking cigarettes today
2. BOOK your appointment
3. Keep that appointment
In 60 minutes you can become our next permanent NON SMOKER – All it takes is a Decision.

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