What’s Trauma

Trauma comes in many forms. It can be as obvious as the shock of a car accident, exposure to war, rape, sudden death, breaking bones but, also it can be less obvious.  The ‘other’ sort of trauma shows up as depression, anxiety, stress, and other fears.

Trauma - The Silent Destroyer of LifeThis debilitating form of trauma is mental.   Mental trauma leads to long term stress, panic attacks, and even PTSD.  It is the trauma that others can’t see but it wrecks people’s lives. Suffers try to live with it and put on a brave face but, deep down, we cannot cope and are ‘spinning out of control!’

Most long-term stress, anxiety, depression or PTSD is caused by unresolved stress or trauma resulting from the past.  Many of the ‘events’ may not even register as ‘notable’ by the person.  The most common emotion or energy associated with this is that of anger.  Dogs (animals generally) handle this better than humans. Watch a dog after a stressful or traumatic event and you will see it shaking. Not because it is afraid, but it is getting rid of that emotion associated with the incident with physical movement.

Humans on the other hand take the anger, as an emotion, inside. We don’t express it, we don’t get it out. It’s just like taking poison and like poison, over time, it kills you!

Alternative Treatments

Currently, the traditional way of treating long term stress, anxiety, depression, or PTSD is with anti-depressants. Whilst these drugs have a place, they are becoming overused. The problem is that once you start taking the medication, it’s very hard to stop and you begin to rely on the treatment. Talk therapy and exposure therapy can also help but very often these therapies retraumatise the person.

There are many ‘alternative’ therapies being developed and while most do not fall into traditional modern medicine, the results are becoming hard to ignor.  One therapy that is having great success in overcoming mental trauma, anxiety, depression, and PTSD, is TRTP or The Richards Trauma Process.


This process uses hypnotherapy and can be very quick and effective. One of challenges blocking the adoption of TRTP by Clinical Psychiatrists, psychologists and trauma specialists is that it has not been proven by years of documented results.  It has not yet completed the traditional, double blind, experimental assessment process.  It is only partially through this stage.

However, there are other non-traditional processes and therapies other than drugs, exposure therapy and CBT.  So, if you are suffering from long term stress, anxiety, depression or PTSD, why not look at alternatives. Surely its better than sticking with something that is not really working.

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