Celebrate Your Victories

Do you celebrate your victories, or simply ignore the success and move on?   Are you a positive or a negative thinker?  I was enjoying the relative cool of the morning today and got to thinking about how our thinking and thought patterns can lead to or even increase stress and anxiety.

Negatives and Positives

It seems to me that as human beings we seem to think and dwell more on the negatives in our lives rather than focus on the positives or victories. With this kind of thinking like that,  it is no wonder that any stress or anxiety that we do have is increased.

We can decide what we want to focus on and think about.  What if we were to chose to think about only the ‘good stuff’.  The victories that we have had? Not just in the past but the victories or positives that we have had today. Would that help to reduce our stress and anxiety?
Reducing Stress

The answer to that question is yes and this has been proved over several experiments.

I’m not saying that you will reduce extreme stress and anxiety by thinking about the positives, but it will certainly reduce the severity of it.  The levels of anxiety are increasing in all areas of society right now.  Youth suicides, domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse are becoming commonplace.   These are all ‘symptoms’ of stress, anxiety, and depression.  Something needs to change.

What if we chose to see our stress and anxiety, the negatives in our life, as feedback? A sign that we are not coping and that we need help. A sign that we need to live our lives differently and make changes.
Opportunity to Change
If you are suffering from stress and anxiety why not try and look at the victories in your life?  A gratitude journal has helped me immensely in the past.  Why not choose to see your stress and anxiety as a sign to make a change.  Look at this change as an opportunity to do something different!  Start a new chapter!  It may not be easy, or even possible to start immediately.  But, what if you set a goal.  A Goal to do things a Bit Differently in the future.

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