Do Affirmations Work?

I Choose vs Affirmations.

Often, we hear about the power of Affirmations.  The movie “The Secret” spoke about this a lot.

What are Affirmations and why would we use them?

Affirmations are a ‘mantra’ said over and over with the intention of changing a habit or a thought pattern we no longer find supportive.  This could because we want to re-enforce a goal we are striving to achieve, for example – I am positive;  I am strong;  I am successful. Or it could be to re-enforce a habit we want to break like ‘ I am now a non-smoker”  “I am slim, trim and healthy”. Regardless of the reason, the method is the same.  You recite a ‘ I AM… Mantra’ repeatedly with the intention of forcing you to ‘focus on what you want’ in a positive way.  The philosophy is, if you say it and hear it often enough you will believe and starting acting ‘as if’ you were that way.

I Am

Affirmations usually start with the words “I Am….”  For example, if you were wanting to quit smoking. You might say an affirmation such as, “I am a non-smoker” repeatedly, out loud or inside your head for a couple of minutes and repeat doing this, 5 or 6 times a day. While you recite the mantra, you imagine and feel what it would be like to actually ‘be a non-smoker’.

Affirmations make you feel better and that is always a good thing. It is good to do them. The downside is, affirmations are a ‘conscious’ action.  The core beliefs and habits we are trying to change are ‘sub-conscious!’  These beliefs are locked into our subconscious mind.  To gain any lasting benefit, we have to repeat ‘the mantra’ over and over and over again for a long period of time to effect any sort of permanent change.  
We Don’t Believe What We are Saying

For most people, the reality is we have to repeat the ‘I AM’ statement many times over days, if not weeks to even start to believe what we are saying.

Have you ever stood in front of the mirror and said “I am slim, trim and beautiful!” and the little voice in your head is saying, even louder! “No, you’re not, you are fat and dumpy!’  No matter how loud or how often you say the Affirmation that little voice won’t shut up!       I, certainly, have had many experiences like that with the many mantras I have used over the years!  Affirmations
Why does this happen!   The reason is: the belief is in the subconscious mind.   You can say, ‘I am a non-smoker’ or ‘I am slim and trim’  or ‘I am financially free’ whatever, but if you don’t ‘believe’ that, then the subconscious will say, “no you are not!”

Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is the most powerful part of your mind.  Everything that is ‘stored’ in your sub-conscious Mind has been accepted as ‘true for you’ at some point in your life.  This ‘knowledge’ is based on your history, beliefs, habits, conditioning etc –but most of all what ‘you have accepted’ as true in the past.   When you ‘say’ something different, that annoying voice pipes up with ‘no, you’re not!’  
Choose Different Results
However, if we change our Affirmation just slightly and add a couple of words to the beginning, we get an entirely different result.
Those words are:  I choose!  I choose to know that I am (or I can be) a non-smoker!
This Mantra now sends a message to the subconscious that you are choosing to do something.  If you stand in what I call the power stance, look at yourself in front of a mirror, squarely in the eye and say “ I choose! I choose to know that I can be a non-smoker” in a loud and confident voice three times, and repeat three times every day, you will change your belief quickly and permanently.
Try it:  Listen to the little voice!  The reaction is different!  It’s like, ‘alright then, we can do this!’   Small change, hugely different results!
What is the power stance I hear you ask? The power stance is where you stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, bend your knees slightly, and put your weight into your hips. When you stand like this you are as solid as a rock. Try it!  While you are standing in a power stance ask someone to gently see if they can push you over.
So, if you have been using or are thinking of using affirmations why not try, I choose.  Let us know your results.  Let us know how different you feel with just changing the words!  Simple but very effective!

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