What’s the Positive?

Do you get trapped in negative thinking! You focus on what went wrong, what didn’t happen! Sometimes, we forget to ‘count our blessings’ and realise that the challenges (negatives) in our lives, build our characters. We are Who we are, due to all the events, good and bad, who mould us! Learn to appreciate the gifts that arise from the challenges we encounter!

It’s not safe to be successful

Values! The ‘fire in the belly’ that drives every decision that we make. Often Values are confused with social dictum such as honesty, respect, family, trust etc. But values are different! Values are voids we perceive in our lives that we ‘chase’ to forfill. Values change dependant on circumstances. Health is a great example. A workaholic may be driven by (say) ‘recognition’ there is no time for exercise, relaxing … his/her focus is on what the job fulfills. Then, a health scare! Suddenly, values change – nutrition, exercise, health are top values – the job takes second place. When ‘health’ is missing, we will do everything to fill the void. Book a session and find out what is really driving you!

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