What’s holding you back?

Are you happy?

An interesting question, that most of us don’t like to dwell on.  So, what’s holding you back?  Have you achieved what you would like to? Are you doing what you love? Do you have purpose?

If not, why not?

Is it because you had a bad childhood? Maybe, your boss doesn’t Are You happy? like you and you feel you are ‘overlooked’ at promotion time?  Or is it life in general?  Actually, it doesn’t really matter what you think the reason is, that if you really dig deep down,  the only thing that really holds you back is you and the decisions you make.

Yes, I know what you are thinking, ‘that’s a bit harsh!  I am doing the best I know how!’  Yes, of course, you are, but what if you could do better?  Would You be interested in finding out more?

Time for Change

The first thing is that you have to want to make a change. You know things need to change but are you ready and do you really want to change? Your want has to be bigger than your need.

Unconscious Beliefs

The first thing to address is the Unconscious Core Beliefs that are not supporting your goals and dreams.  We all have them.  These are the limiting beliefs you have about yourself.  Everyone has limiting beliefs.  These beliefs can be formed very early in our lives, some even start whilst we are in the womb. If your parents have had a stressful marriage or event then chances are that you will have a belief that it is not safe before you are even born. If your birth is traumatic then that will reinforce this belief.

From birth up to the age of seven, you have absolutely ‘no filters.’  This means whatever you see, hear, feel, must be true.  More than that, it must be about ‘you.’  Our whole world revolves around ‘us’ we are narcissistic – everything is about us!  Everything that is said, is accepted as being true – whether it is or not!

It’s True for You!

It is true for you!   Therefore whatever is said, whether to you, about you, or overheard by you, is perceived to be ‘about you and true!’  These ‘truths’ begin to form our identity and beliefs about ourselves.  Later, as you go through life, your experiences,  what is said to you, the people you associate with, your fears, and decisions all form more limiting and empowering self-beliefs.

Past Trauma

The second step is to resolve any unresolved stress or trauma from the past. The unresolved stress or trauma creates anxiety and fears that inadvertently hold you back and prevents you from moving forward.

Plan Your Future

Step 3 – you need to plan.  Using your imagination its time to design the perfect lifestyle and begin to build a clear idea of your future.  Dream boards, pictures, visualisation all play a part here.

Values are the Key

Finally, determine what your top values are.  When you set goals in alignment with your top values you will be inspired to ‘do what it takes’ to achieve them.

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