Value Yourself

Values, good service, and ‘fair exchange’ are the cornerstones of any business. Natural therapists often undervalue themselves and the service they give and the change they bring to their clients. This reflects a lack of confidence in either themselves or self-worth. There is a mis-conception by ‘New World therapists’ that they must gift their skills to the world. Its time to change that belief! Money is exchanged for service given. The more organised and valued the service given, the greater the reward. Lets start adding value to Natural and alternative therapies.

He Made Me Do It

Our choices are ‘value statements!’ We choose what gives us the most benefits over drawbacks or less pain! We will ‘do’ things to be accepted, acknowledged, supported, loved, by others or a group. We will also ‘bend rules’ to gain more comfrot over pain. This Pluses and Minus can relate to any or all areas of our lives. There is an old saying “men die for it, babies cry for it!” Recognition, acceptance, and belonging are all major persuaders when people do things and we ask ‘what were you thinking?’

How do you value you?

Recently at Quit Smoking in 60 Minutes in Capalaba, I have had several people questioning the cost of quitting smoking.    I find the question interesting.     I believe in most cases the person is really questioning the cost of one 90 minute session. But, it’s not really one session that you are paying for, is it?  …

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