How do you value you?

Recently at Quit Smoking in 60 Minutes in Capalaba, I have had several people questioning the cost of quitting smoking.    I find the question interesting.     I believe in most cases the person is really questioning the cost of one 90 minute session.

But, it’s not really one session that you are paying for, is it?  You are paying for the study, training, and the experience of the therapist.  In our case, around 20 years of personal and professional training and development.  But, it is even more than that.  Almost every smoker tells us ‘I have tried everything!’  That everything is pills, potions, gum, patches, cold turkey, etc, etc!  Hypnosis is pretty much the last choice!  50% of our clients are referred by a friend or family member who has successfully stopped smoking using hypnotherapy.

So, I believe, when people ask this question they do not fully understand their choices. Because You always have choices

.  In this situation, you either choose to invest in yourself and quit smoking or decide that it is too expensive and carry on smoking.


Let us look at the consequences of these decisions.

By deciding to invest in yourself and quit smoking you will become healthier, live longer and your chances of heart disease and cancer will drop dramatically. All this for a one-off payment!! I believe a bargain in anyone’s thinking!!

Everything Has a Price

If you prefer to continue smoking because the price is higher than you would like,  it means that you choose to risk dying earlier and the probability it will not be a pleasant death. Not a nice thing to think of but it is the truth. In every case, a person who chooses to pay to quit smoking will recover that cost in a maximum of 4 to 6 weeks by not paying for cigarettes. This does not take into consideration the amount of money saved when your health improves. 

Smokers will always find a way to get money to buy cigarettes.  If the desire and the will to quit is strong enough you will always invest in your health and be prepared to pay ‘whatever’ to succeed!

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