The Fear Factor

In the past few weeks I have been thinking of how we take on a fear and make it true with no supporting evidence and hearsay.

Use Your FearWhat got me thinking about this was my recent trip to Peru and Chile. My father was telling some friends that I was in South America and they said that it was really unsafe and that they would never go there.

My father immediately took this on and the whole of South America as far as he was concerned was unsafe. From that moment on he became fearful for me whilst I was travelling.

Fear is Not Logical

When you look at this logically there is no logic to it. The whole thing was based on hearsay and from people who had never travelled to South America!

This is not an isolated case and since becoming more aware of this behaviour I have been looking out for it. Much to my surprise I am also prone to it. I have noticed several cases where I have become fearful based on unsupported evidence.

Once I looked at my so-called fears and analysed where it had come from I found that there was no need to be fearful. Try it sometime. Have a look at your fears and see where they have come from. In a lot of cases, they are unsubstantiated.

Fear or false evidence appearing true holds you back from doing amazing things. When you confront it and break it down you free yourself.

Have you ever noticed that when you face your fears they are not as bad as you expected?

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