He Made Me Do It

My client told me, she had no choice, her brother made her smoke cigarettes. She said ‘he made me do it’ because he was smoking and insisted that she smoke as well.

The question is, did he really make her smoke cigarettes? For me, the answer is no.  We all have choices.  In this case, my client had a choice.  Her brother wanted her to smoke.  He couldn’t force her to smoke.  Her choice was to smoke and please her brother or not smoke and risk upsetting him.  The choice was more about the brother, fitting in and being one of the gang, than smoking.   This happens frequently when people start smoking.  In fact, it is one of the most common reasons.  The need to be accepted, to fit in, to join a group.  Because the top ‘need’ for human beings is to belong.  Belonging and acceptance.  We all need it.  In this example, the young lady chooses to smoke, because the benefits of smoking, in that moment, outweighed the consequences of smoking.  She could have just as easily chosen not to smoke!


It seems to me that these days’ people do not want to accept the consequences of their choices.Choices It’s much easier to blame someone else. It’s not my fault, its someone else’s fault!

Life is full of choices.  No one can make these for you.  Your Free will is the only thing no one can take from you.

You choose to smoke cigarettes and included in that choice is the consequences of smoking. These consequences can be severe in the form of cancer, heart disease, and early and miserable death.   At the time you made that choice, there were more positives than negatives to support your choice.

When choose to quit smoking you will also have consequences. The consequences of choosing to stop smoking cigarettes are that your health improves, you live longer and the chances of dying miserable are reduced considerably.

You Choose Based on Value

In everything you always have a choice, nobody makes you. You choose and by doing this you choose to take the consequences of your choice, good or bad.

Quitting smoking is all about choice. Choose to stop smoking and you choose the consequences of that action. Choose to smoke and you choose to take the consequences of that action. It is up to you!

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