Imagine and feel it

How often do you sit and imagine the future?  Or were you taught to visualise or picture your goals? The majority of us cannot visualise clearly or at all. If you are like me, being told to visualise an outcome is hopeless.  I can not do it.   At best I see a very ‘blurry’ picture with no details and even the outline could be anything.   This is the problem for many people when asked to picture something.

imagine and seeJust Imagine

If however you are asked to imagine something then it is easy. For example, imagine a blue elephant. My bet is that you could do that a lot easier than picturing it. There is a lot of talk and a lot of people will tell you to visualise what you want or how your life is going to be. If you can’t bring up a picture then you can’t visualise, but you can imagine.

Close Your Eyes

If you now add feeling then the image becomes even more powerful. Try this.  Close your eyes and just think about eating an ice-cream. Imagine the feeling of what it is like to eat an ice-cream.  Imagine the texture of the ice cream, the temperature,  Now the taste, allow your taste buds to create the taste of ice cream.  Build a picture in your mind’s eye of that ice cream – the size, the shape, the flavour, consistency, everything!    You will find that it is so easy to create an image, using all your senses.  This makes the experience powerful and impactful.

When you want to achieve something in your life don’t visualise it, instead imagine and feel what it is going to be like. Spend at least 10 minutes per day imagining and feeling what it is that you want. Don’t be surprised if you get it!!

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