What are you thinking?

How many times have you thought, “What are you thinking?”  or “What were you thinking?” when you review past events.

Everything in life starts with a thought.  Buddha said “What You think, you become!” and Dr John Demartini expanded that to ‘What you think about, you bring about!”  It is so true.

What are you thinking?

When you wake up each day, you have a choice.  You can choose to ‘bound out of bed’ ready to face your day with positivity. Or you can drag yourself to the shower wondering what disaster will happen today.  Imagine both of those scenarios!  Your thoughts, drive your mood.  How you feel reflects in how positively or negatively you respond to people and what you attract into your day.   When you think negative thoughts, unconsciously you are ‘expecting’ bad things to happen.  Your focus is on the negative so that is all you see.  But, change your thinking to looking for positives, no matter how small, your mood changes, your head lifts, everything seems easier.   It’s all in our thinking.

Your thinkingBalance of Life

Does this work all the time!!  No, definitely not!  You cannot be positive all the time.  You cannot be negative all the time either. Some people try, but it is impossible, as it is against the laws of the Universe.  There several Laws of the Universe.  I call this the ‘Ying and Yang of Life.  But it is all to do with Balance.  You cannot have Up without Down!  There is no right without a wrong.  Imagine being inside and the was no ‘outside!  For every positive, there is a negative and vice versa. Our world and life are constantly trying to achieve a state of balance.

Positive and Negative

When our thinking is biased either in a positive or negative way it creates emotions.  Emotions cloud the mind and prevent clear thinking.  Only when you see both the pro’s and con’s of an event equally can you make a rational decision.

Whenever you are out of balance in any area of your life, the universe moves to achieve balance. The further you are out of balance the more extreme is the action to bring you back to balance.

When something goes wrong and you start thinking negatively, tell yourself to “Stop it!”  Start thinking: What’s good about this happening? Is there a lesson here?  What could I learn?  What could I do differently?  Is this really a problem?

Beware of the Fantasy

Believe it or not, you can also be too positive.  Nothing always goes right.  We must have ups and downs to appreciate the good times and to cope with the bad.  Trying to be positive all the time usually, has you living in a fantasy.  Nothing is all good.  It just can’t be!  Be careful about your thoughts, your thinking.  Don’t dwell in the negative and never try to live in a fantasy world of perfection.  Life is happiest when you embrace both the negative and positive as both are necessary for you to enjoy your life.

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