Value Yourself

Practitioners in the alternative therapy field in training often do not value their services.  These therapists are reluctant to charge more than a nominal fee. In fact, some are reluctant to charge at all.

Value Yourself and Your Service

Payment is our society’s way of measuring the value of services rendered and received.  When you do not charge for your service is worth, what is the message you give to your ‘client?’  To be a ‘fair exchange’ in a transaction, there needs to be an exchange of energy of some kind.  Originally this was in the form of ‘barter!’  I give you something and in return, you give me what you have of equal value.  Value Your SkillsMoney is just a form of energy.   As a therapist you have a skill which you provide.  Your client ‘pays’ in money or kind for this service.  When there is not a fair exchange, or perceived equal value,  there will be consequences.

  1.  One party feels indebted to the other.   Guilt can occur.
  2.  The service giver can feel resentment over time.
  3.   The benefits may not be appreciated or achieved.  Often we need to pay to have a buy in to achieve results.

How to Value Your Service

What is the value of your service?  This always comes down the values  and self esteem of the service giver.  I ask myself the following questions:

(a)  What would I pay for a similar service?

(b)  What is the current price charged by my competitors?

(c)  How comfortable do I feel with this price?

Listen to your gut!

You will never ‘sell’ your service to anyone if your gut – (self worth, self esteem and confidence) do not feel you and your service is not ‘worth’ that price.  You must be congruent with the fee you charge.    I always suggest that you work out the ‘value’ of the service.  What did you pay to learn how to help others:  courses attended, skills learnt, experience, etc ?    Be honest, put a dollar value on this.  This is the ‘cost’ of supplying your knowledge to others.  Don’t dis-respect yourself by saying…. I was born with this talent/skill.  Rubbish!  You have had to learn how to present, package and deliver it.  You have set up a business, even if it starts as a hobby.  There are always costs involved.  What have you ‘given up’ to be able to help others!

Value to Client

As an example:  imagine your service teaches a person to go from disorganised to being organised.  This can be in the area of thinking, finances, health, childcare, wardrobes, shopping!  The list is endless.  In fact, all we therapists do is help people to become organised in some area of their life!  Natural or alternative therapists all help people achieve this. The value for the client is the result!  The price clients are willing to pay depends on how quickly you can have your client achieve their desired result!
The more organised you are, the more a person is willing to pay.  The more confident you are in your process, structure and delivery, the easier it is for you to market and sell your service.


You must maintain a professional environment.  You know, if you arrive at an office/shop/venue that looks untidy, shoddy, and/or unprofessional with ungroomed staff, you decide and expect the service will be ‘sub-standard’.   The first impression sets the standard for your service.  Do not disrespect yourself or your clients by creating low expectations.

The more organised you are in your business, the greater confidence you will have in the value of your service.  This reflects in the value you place on the service you give, the change you create.  When you truly value yourself,  your time and expertise is when you will begin to value your service and charge accordingly.    Remember,  life is a balance.  Your business success is dependant on fair exchange.  Give superior service, to receive a lifestyle income.

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