What’s Your Thoughts?

The other day I was talking to my grandson who told me that he was afraid to stay in the house on his own because he was afraid. When I asked him what he was afraid of he told me that he had seen a scary video and was afraid that what he saw in the video was going to happen to him.

When you think about this logically it does not make sense but we let our thoughts and imagination run amuck and in our minds it becomes true. Our Perception, is in fact, “our Truth” so it is very real to us.  It seems ridiculous but everyone of us has let “our mind” run movies of what “might happen if”…. and the fear is so real, it can, and usually does, stop us in our tracks.

We are always going to have “thoughts” pop into our head from time to time, usually triggered by things we have seen or heard or remembered from the past,  but it is important that you do not let your thoughts rule your life, willy-nilly. This applies to so called good and bad thoughts.

When you think about our random thoughts, especially when they involve fear, more often than not they are not true, they are simply “thoughts”.  We are exposed to trillions of pieces of random information everyday.. most of which we filter out by deciding on the importance to us. Some of this information, we store for later as precautions, some we store because it is so real (like in movies) we believe it to be true. So we build up all sorts of “reality” about the stuff in our minds and often this creates a little anxiety or fear.  However, when we challenge our perception of reality and face our fears, we often find that the facts are wrong and what we feared was actually not so bad. In fact what happens is:

F – false
E – expectations
A – appear
R – real

In fact when you think about it, all that is happening is that your brain is having a thought. Keep that in mind and when you find yourself going down the fear path and tell yourself, “STOP IT”. You will be surprised of how effective this can be.

At Transformations Coaching and Hypnotherapy we teach you how to do this method and control your thoughts rather than letting them control you.

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