A great tip to achieve goals

Dream boards or vision boards are a great way to achieve goals.  These focus your attention and develop neural pathways in your brain that cause you to subconsciously look for opportunities.

At the beginning of the year, I think and dream about what I would like to achieve.  I look at the seven areas of life, spiritual, mental, vocational, financial, family, social, and physical.  I check to see what I want to change.  What’s working and what is not!  I do this for the short term, this year, and the long term.  It takes me a day for each area.  I completely analyse my accomplishments and ‘didn’t completes’ over the previous year.   Yes, the ‘in-completes.’  I check in with myself as to ‘why’ I didn’t achieve my Goal.  Was it because of obstacles or a change of heart?  Do I want to reschedule or ‘dispose’ of the goal!

Dream Boards

Goals and Dream BoardsAfter doing this I get a large sheet of cardboard in my favourite colour. I represent my goals by cutting out words and graphics and put them on my board.  This is my dream or vision board.

I put my Dream Board where I can easily see it. I take at least ten minutes each day, imagining living life having achieved the goals on the board.  It’s so important to imagine and feel, not only to visualise!

At the end of the year when I reflect on what I have achieved I usually find that I have achieved at least 80% of my short-term goals.   About 50% of those I did not complete, I discard, as I have lost interest or, frequently, I have discovered it is not my goal and I was trying to do ‘the right thing’ and not ‘my thing!’   A very common occurrence.

Review Your Goals

When you review your goals daily / weekly / or frequently, you create neural pathways in your brain that focuses attention on these goals. This means that subconsciously your brain is always on the lookout to look for opportunities for you to achieve this goal.

Goals May Take Time to Achieve

Many years ago, I set a long-term goal to go to the Okavango Delta in Africa. It took 20 years and finally, I succeeded.  Recently I returned from visiting the Okavango Delta.

I have a scrapbook.  It contains photos of all the places I want to visit in the world; the things I want to see;  the things I want to achieve in business; family dreams and aspirations.    I am about 75% complete.  I will never fill every dream if I keep adding to it but heck I am going to die trying.

This works! Take the time to build and look at your dream board and you will be surprised at what you can achieve.

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