Using Hypnosis Helps to Break Bad Habits

Bad habits such as drinking too much, excessive gambling, excessive smoking etc is often the result of past unresolved trauma and stress from the past. The bad habit helps to dull the feelings caused by the stress or trauma from the past.

Bad Habits

habits I had a young lady come to me as she was gambling too much. She was gambling away her wages as she got them as was heading into financial ruin. After she came to see me I decided to do TRTP which uses hypnosis to overcome her past stress and trauma. I also decided to do a dedicated hypnosis session on gambling along with TRTP. This meant that she would have to see me four times.

As well as gambling, this young lady said that she could not see a future for herself. She had passed out top of her class in college but was now doing a job that was way below her potential. Every day was the same old, same old.

Desire to Gamble Disappeared

After the second session of TRTP she said to me that she felt much happier and her family and friends were saying that she was happier. I asked her if she had done any gambling or felt like gambling. She replied that she had not done any gambling and nor did she feel like gambling.

She told me that she had decided to finish her degree to be a vet.  This was a huge turnaround from when she first came to see me.

I did not do the hypnosis on gambling. Instead, I completed a Values Elicitation as part of her last session of TRTP.   Linking her values to her ‘future’ where ‘gambling’ did not have a place, we eliminated her urge to gamble permanently.

If you have any bad habits that you want to get rid of, or if you are suffering from stress, anxiety or depression why not contact us on 1300 64 53 54 and book a complimentary session to find out more about TRTP and how it can help you.

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