How to easily and quickly overcome insomnia

It’s funny how stressful or traumatic events from the past can affect you. A lady came to see me who was suffering from insomnia, she had not slept properly or through the night for years. She said she was exhausted and just wanted to sleep through a night.

When we were talking it became quickly apparent she was highly No Insomnia - Sleep Like a Babystressed and anxious. Of course, some of this was from not sleeping properly but I believed that part of the problem resulted from unresolved stress and trauma.  During our session, we investigated and explored events in her past.  As expected, there were incidents involving severe emotional stress and trauma.  We were able to pinpoint when insomnia started.

I  suggested a relatively new process using hypnosis to address past stress and trauma. This hypnotic therapy process consists of three visits with a week between each visit.

Limiting self-Belief

In the first visit, we established her self-limiting beliefs.  Then broke the hold these were having on her sub-consciously.  It was essential to do this first as it is very hard to make changes when your self-beliefs around being ‘good enough’ or feeling that “it is not safe to sleep through the night’ are getting in the way.

A week later she came back looking a different person. She said that she had, had her first good night’s sleep in years and in fact, she had, had several nights like this.

Amazing Changes

In her second visit, I took her in hypnosis to the three most stressful or traumatic events of her past. I took her back as a victor and not a victim of her past. I got her to release all the anger she had been holding about these incidents. She did a great job and was extremely vocal during the process. After she looked lighter and happy.

When my client returned for her final session the following week, she was looking happy and was sleeping regularly.  Insomnia had disappeared.  It’s funny what past unresolved stress and trauma can do.

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