Traumatic events

Diagnosed With Cancer

Cancer is a personal journey that starts with a cancer diagnosis. It is a harsh interruption to your life. Most often unexpected but always scary and brings with it a bag of mixed emotions. There are 5 stages that you will go through. Ask for help. Share with a friend. Every journey is personal and unique, and support helps you through.

International Womens Day


ANZAC DAY a tradition that I am so proud to honour every year. The boys who travelled across the world to ensure we have a safe and happy life. Hero’s each and every one. They deserve our respect 365 days a year. Not just on 25th April. Lest We Forget

Australian New Zealand Army Corp

A Soldiers Tale

War has many casualties. Front line soldiers may not be wounded physically but combat leaves emotional scars. To be an effective soldier, you must ‘think’ and ‘react’ not emotionally respond or you become a liability. Returning to civilian life is difficult and soldiers often have guilt, anger, shame, and fears to deal with. Relationships are hard to start or maintain when you are emotionally shut down. Mental health needs to be a priority.

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