It’s safe for me to forget

One of the ways to protect one’s self and to feel safe is to forget the past stress or traumatic events. The problem with this strategy is that whilst consciously you forget the subconscious mind does not forget.

Prolonged Trauma

If past stress or trauma is not resolved, turned into a memory, it does not get forgotten in the subconscious. Past events constantly ‘replaying’ in the subconscious mind create anxiety, stress, depression, and PTSD.

To break this cycle there are two things that need to happen, the brain and body needs to know that it is over and you are safe and you have power over the events. The favored psychiatrist treatment takes many visits to achieve results.  The usual mental health plan includes drugs such as anti-depressants as part of the treatment.  This has longterm effects, as medication must be taken for years, and has varying levels of success.     

I am Safe

Hypnosis can help a person know that it is safe and (the event) is over.  This results in the person knowing they are victors and not victims quickly and successfully.  By changing unconscious core beliefs  (UCB’s) and removing the negative beliefs the person identifies with, change is quick and trauma free.  The method we prefer is “The Richards Trauma Process” or TRTP.
TRTP enables a person to overcome long term depression, anxiety, stress and PTSD in just three visits with a week between each visit. The process breaks limiting beliefs that get in the way of change.  This unique process enables a person to re-visit the traumatic events as a victor not a victim. This process gives a person power over past events.

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