I Can’t Think

Have you ever been so shocked, so overwhelmed or so afraid that your brain freezes! You can’t think! You mind seems addled, and even the simplest task or question confuses you! You are not alone! It is the ‘job’ of our Unconscious Mind to keep us safe! When we are faced with something so horrible, or so confusing that we cannot rationalise, our conscious mind (where we think) shuts down. We verbalise this by saying: ‘I feel like I am walking through treacle or mud.’ It’s as if time stands still. And often we feel detached – like watching a movie – it can’t be real, can it! I can’t think, is the only way to describe this feeling.

I worry so much I cannot think clearly

Are you suffering from PTSD

PTSD, it is a silent killer! When you are suffering from PTSD you lose control of your world! Do any of these resonate: violent or dramatic flashbacks, easily angered, survivors guilt, constantly hyper-vigilant? Now is the time to take back control. The Richards Trauma Process can change your life.


Doing the same thing over and over and getting the same result is ‘insanity’. Traditional ways of dealing with domestic violence is, just that.. insanity. We need need modern treats that not only address the problem, but resolve the cause so families to live in harmony. TRTP – The Richards Trauma Process and Stephen Gardiner are making breakthroughs with this therapy.

Hypnosis helps with the effects of PTSD

There are many people suffering from the effects of PTSD, some of these effects are depression, anger, anxiety and the inability to cope with life in general. The term PTSD(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is becoming somewhat of a well-known term but what exactly is PTSD. In their daily lives many people have traumatic incidents, these …

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