Beating PTSD

Overcoming Trauma  
When you talk to people that are suffering from traumatic stress or PTSD you can ‘see’ or ‘feel’ their pain.  They immediately go back to ‘an event’ or perhaps even several events that created the trauma.  As they look back on the event you see pain, anxiety, sadness, anger, and many other emotions. These past events hold the person prisoner as they feel stuck and afraid to move on.


When a person is in this situation, it is because ‘the events’ have disempowered and overwhelmed them.  This happens because the event was so ‘horrible’, so dis-orientating, their sub-conscious mind couldn’t process, or make sense, of what happened.  Any time you  ‘perceive,’ you are ‘powerless’ and lose control,  the event will rule you as your Mind cannot process what has happened!  resolving traumaWhat does this mean?  In layman’s terms:  when events happen, neurotransmitters are released by the ‘body.’ This triggers a sequence in your Mind.  The ‘event’ is packaged and moved from now into the past!  The event becomes a memory. 

Stuck in the Moment

For reasons unknown, when highly emotive events or trauma happen, this process gets stuck.  The Neurotransmitters are not released. The memory is not formed.   Its like ‘ground-hog day’.  The emotion, fear, anxiety, trauma, related to this event are constantly ‘triggered.’  The person is ‘stuck’ as if the event is happening now.  This means they are highly vigilant’ waiting and expecting a similar event to re-occur.  The person feels ‘unsafe’ and out-of-control and anxious.  Panic attacks may occur.  Sudden, uncontrolled anger is another normal reaction. 

Taking Back Control

We know from decades of research that there are two things the Unconscious Mind needs to do to be able to ‘process these stuck events.’  First, ‘the person’ must know they have power over that event and secondly, to feel safe (in relation to that event).

The Richards Trauma Process was created to do exactly this.   As a Trainer, Mentor and Practitioner, I have been involved with T.R.T.P  since its inception in 2014.   This hypnosis process allows clients to go back to and reprogram their traumatic events in an empowered state.   TRTP allows the client to go ‘back to the event’ but NOT into the event.  They do not have to relive the trauma, or even discuss it with the therapist.  Resolving trauma is the secret to resolving chronic PTSD.

Beating PTSD

When a person ‘relooks’ at an event from a dis-associated position, it is empowering.  All those: ‘I should of/would of/could of’  if only thoughts that have been running, endlessly criticising you, suddenly disappear.  The hold that the traumatic stress or PTSD had neutralizes enabling you to move on to live a life fully again.

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