Domestic violence and its effects are rife in today’s society. The traditional methods of dealing with the effects often have the person relive the incidents that just re-traumatises them. In some cases, this works but often it does not. Traditional methods also take a long time with frequent visits to the therapist.

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The reason why people who suffer from the effects of domestic violence are affected long term is that their brains do not process the incidents. The incidents just keep looping in the brain (reliving the incident) and lead to symptoms such as depression, anxiety, stress etc.

Trauma Treatment with Hypnosis

Hypnosis has for a long time been an excellent way to help people to overcome depression, stress and anxiety. Unfortunately, most people think of hypnosis as being something that they see on a stage show or TV show. This type of hypnosis is for entertainment and should not be confused with clinical hypnotherapy.

Clinical hypnotherapy allows the practitioner to give suggestions to the subconscious mind, the most powerful part of the body, when the subconscious mind acts on the suggestions the results often can be fast and effective.

Steve Gardiner has been helping people to overcome the challenges in their lives with the use of hypnosis and coaching for over ten years. He has literally helped hundreds of people to quit bad habits and rebalance their lives. He has been achieving great success with overcoming stress, anxiety, depression, and anger with a three-step process that takes just 3 weeks.

  1.  Removing the limiting beliefs that have been built up over the years
  2.  Empowering the person so that the past events of domestic violence do not run their lives.
  3.  Build a future without the effects of the domestic violence that have been running their lives.

If you are suffering from the effects of domestic violence and want to make changes in your life then consider hypnosis. It’s safe, effective and quick. You have nothing to lose.

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