Hypnosis helps with the effects of PTSD

There are many people suffering from the effects of PTSD, some of these effects are depression, anger, anxiety and the inability to cope with life in general.

The term PTSD(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is becoming somewhat of a well-known term but what exactly is PTSD. In their daily lives many people have traumatic incidents, these incidents can range from childhood abuse, car accidents, bullying at school, rape etc. The body has a survival mechanism that when it is placed in traumatic circumstances it will cause a person to run away, fight back or just freeze. This is called the flight, fright, freeze mechanism.

After the traumatic event the brain processes and stores what has happened. If this is not stored the fright, flight, freeze mechanism is left activated. This results in the typical symptoms of depression, anxiety, anger and the inability to live a normal life. The body when stuck in this mode produces chemicals which keep the muscles in a permanent state of tension. There has been a lot of research on why this happens and why it only happens with certain people but at the end of the day we really don’t know why.

There are many ways of treating PTSD and they have varying rates of success. Hypnosis is beginning to appear as a very successful way of treating PTSD. The latest hypnosis method to treat PTSD and its symptoms is the “Richards Method”, named after the developer. This method is extremely quick and has had some remarkable results in treating people suffering from the effects of PTSD.

Relief from the symptoms of PTSD with the “Richards Method” takes three sessions with one week between each session. In the first session a person removes the limiting beliefs they have about themselves and their condition. In the second session the person is empowered that their traumatic events do not control them and in the third session the person is helped to see what their future can be.

Hypnosis enables one to talk directly to the subconscious, probably the most powerful part of the body. When the effects of the PTSD can be dealt with by the subconscious then a fast and effect cure can be achieved.

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