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ANZAC Day.  The Australian New Zealand Army Corps.

It is a special day for me.  I don’t even know why it touches me so deeply, but it does.  As far as I know, Australian New Zealand Army Corpnone of my family were ‘lost’ or ‘fought’ on those remote beaches in Gallipoli.  But the parades, marches, the Last Post, the atmosphere brings a tear to my eyes and a feeling of sincere gratitude in my heart.

Dawn Services

Perhaps it all comes down to reading The One Day of the Year by Alan Seymour in Year 10 as my assigned reading.  I can certainly remember the whole story and definitely think about the play on ANZAC Day every year.   I have attended Dawn Services in many places and countries around the globe.  They have been so different, but so much the same.   From the Dawn service in Auckland to the ‘GunFire breakfast’ in Honiara, Solomon Islands – humble people gather around with a common goal to honour all soldiers who have fought to preserve our way of life.

The One Day of the Year

In 2020, we were due to go to Gallipoli, a visit I was looking ANZAC DAY forward to, even though it would have been so sad.  Alas, Covid stopped that.  But it couldn’t stop myself and thousands of other Aussies and Kiwis across the globe, standing out at dawn and saying our silent prayers of thanks.

To all the ANZAC past and present.  Thank you.  You will never be forgotten.


Have you ever heard of ANZAC Ted.  No, I hadn’t either.  But he was an amazing little character who was a huge moral support to many young soldier’s out on the rough beaches of Gallipoli.

This year, I thought I would do something a little different to celebrate these amazing people.   If you follow the link below:  You can hear a current soldier reading a little story about ANZAC Ted…..  it sums up the ANZAC message brilliantly.  Enjoy

ANZAC TED                                     The One Day of the Year

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