emotions running your life

Are Emotions Running Your Life

Have you ever thought about how your emotions are running your life?

One of the most common reasons clients come to see me is that they feel their life is ‘out of their control.’  They react with anger or tears for no real reason.  They often feel they are ‘treading water’ or walking through mud, just to get through each day.  Listen to me chat about why that may be happening…..



Are Emotions Running Your Life?

Many people come to me because their emotions are running their life.   They don’t know that is what is happening.  Usually, they just feel ‘out of balance’ – they know something is wrong, just not what that something is.

How do you know when Emotions have taken over?

The telltale symptoms are:

  1. You are always angry
  2. Often having negative thoughts
  3. Constantly bursting into tears for no reason
  4. You fixate on the small things in life
  5. Always feeling out of balance, something not right
  6. You feel stressed and depressed

No matter how you try you can’t seem to subdue the emotional reactions that pop up unexpectedly, even when little inconsequential things happen.

How Did This Happen?

The big question is how do you arrive at the point where your emotions run your life?

The answer is that you arrive at this point as a result of the accumulation of past emotional or traumatic events.  These events could be one major trauma or ongoing long-term abuse.  Regardless of how the emotional trauma happens, the common underlying factor is a feeling ‘it’s not over’ and the person is  ‘waiting for it to happen again!’   It is when stress or emotions running your lifetrauma is unresolved, that the event keeps being replayed in the subconscious mind. It’s like a videotape loop that keeps going on and on.

Situations, people, sounds, smells or even locations can trigger you to relive the event or events at any time.  This means you – subconsciously – are anticipating or waiting for the trigger so your emotions are ready and waiting to fire off.   Your emotions are running your life, to protect you and keep you safe.

Time to Get Angry

So, how do we cut those videotape loops in the subconscious mind which will stop the emotions from taking over?

The way to do this is to use anger. Anger…, but isn’t anger a negative emotion?

The anger I am talking about is a positive anger, it’s called protective anger of the young and it is within all of us.

Most of the anger you express and hear around you is negative anger. It’s done in the first person and it goes like this: you did that to me, why did you do this to me, it’s you, you, you. It’s victim anger.

Protective Anger

Protective anger of the young is positive anger and is expressed in the third person. You are acting to protect a young person and it goes like this: how dare you do that to young….

What protective anger of the young does is that it breaks the videotape loops of past unresolved stress and trauma.

When these are broken then the emotional triggers protective anger of the youngdisappear and there is nothing more to react to!

This in turn enables you to have balance in your life and to be free of the emotional behaviors that in turn lead to anger, stress, depression, negativity, and anxiety.

You are able to respond in life rather than to react.

TRTP – The Richards Trauma Process

There is a process that can resolve the unresolved stress and anxiety quickly and effectively. If you would like to know more about it why not give us a call on 1300 64 53 54 or go to our Trauma page on this website 

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