Why is my relationship falling apart?

I often see people who come to me for coaching and counselling about their relationship. I always do my best to prevent their relationship from falling apart and in an effort to do this the questions of values comes up.

You see we all live our lives fulfilling our top values. When a person’s values in a relationship are not being met then that person will stray from the relationship. If in the relationship the values of each party are understood then the chances of the relationship succeeding are very high.

So what is a value and how do I find what my values are I hear you say. A value is something that you perceive is missing in your life. The larger the void the higher up it will be on your hierarchy of values.

In fact we spend our lives fulfilling our top 3 to 5 values. When our values are being met then we are happy and content with our lives. If a person’s values are being supported then they will like the person supporting their values. When a person challenges values then that person is disliked by the person whose values are being challenged.

So you see the success or demise of a relationship depends on the values of the individuals concerned. Whether it is a friendship, partnership, marriage etc ; they will not survive if the top values of the parties concerned are not met.

There is an exercise that you can do to uncover your values, if you want to do the exercise go to www.transformyou.com.au

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