The Environment Stupid!

It constantly amazes me how we can adapt to our environment no matter how bad it can be. Being able to adapt is a huge positive and helps us cope and survive.

There is also a huge negative in our ability to adapt. If we are in an environment that is continually exposing us to stress and negative influences, then we adapt to live at a high state of stress and anxiety. The problem with this is that we do not fully adapt, our bodies stay in a constant state of survival.

When we are like this the primitive part of our brain takes over and we stay in a continual state of flight, fright or freeze. Our bodies are flooded with a constant output of hormones which keep our muscles tense and ready to fight, flight or freeze.

In time we believe this to be the norm and we think that it is not affecting us. It’s normal for us to be angry, stressed, anxious etc. the problem is that it is not the norm and if that environment persists we end up unable to function. The environment and its effects runs us.
Our thoughts of anger, stress and anxiety actually start to change our genes, all the new cells in our body have genetic material that precludes us for those states. It becomes a downward spiral leading to a life of mere survival.

Take a look at your environment, not just your physical environment but your mental environment. Is any of that causing you any excess stress or anxiety? Are your thoughts continually negative?
In time these patterns of stress, anxiety and depression become fixed in the unconscious part of the brain. So fixed that it needs very little to trigger them off. Logically a good way to turn this programming off is to change the programming in the unconscious mind.

Hypnosis is constantly underrated as a brilliant way to change the programming in the unconscious part of the mind. If you are one of those people who is suffering from stress, anger, anxiety and depression look at your environment and see what you can change there. It is often your mental environment that needs to change and hypnosis is a safe, effective and fast way to do this.

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