Do You Want to Change?

There are many people in this world that are leading a life of quiet desperation. They feel uninspired, lack motivation and feel that it is not where they want to be.

Despite this they continue to live like this until eventually it becomes the norm. living a life of quiet desperation becomes the norm, sad when you think about it. It has become the comfort zone. The question is why would you not want to change these circumstances?
The answer is that wanting to change has not become big enough. In order to make a change your want to change has to be greater than your desire to stay in your comfort zone. It’s incredible to think that the comfort zone of a person can be terrible circumstances.

People who think that they want to make changes in their lives often think that someone else can make those changes for them. They go to coaches, hypnotherapists, psychologists etc in the hope that they will make those changes for them. They don’t see that these people can point them in the right direction to make change but they can’t do it for them. At the end of the day in order to make change you have to do it.
So what can nurture this desire to change so that change is inevitable?

Commonly a sudden change in circumstances such as a heart attack or accident can cause a person to desire change so much that they do change their circumstances and lives. However, you don’t need this, you can create the desire for change so that it happens.
The biggest problem is that people think that change is too hard, when they make change it is too uncomfortable and it is easier to go back to the old ways. In other words, you get what you think. If you believe that you can make a change you can.

The biggest problem is that people see themselves in a certain way, they don’t see themselves living a life when they have made change. If you can alter this, then change becomes easy. I come back to you get what you think about.

Find yourself a spot where you will not be disturbed and is away from your everyday life. Spend at least one hour a day imagining and feeling what your life will be like when you have made change.
This creates neural pathways in your brain so that you begin to become and live the changes that you want to make. By thinking you create the changes and the desire to make the changes.

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