Can’t Remember!

When people have serious trauma or stress in their lives they often can’t remember or the memory is disjointed and appears as flashbacks.

Often when someone is asked to remember or talk about a truly serious traumatic or stressful event they can’t remember. This is part of the defence system of the brain. If you can’t remember, then you cannot be distressed by the event.

This works to a certain extent but unfortunately the body still remembers and is kept in a constant state of survival. This in turn means that you are constantly in a state of flight, fright or freeze. The body and brain are in a high state of alert and looking for anything that might be a threat.

When you are in this state there different things that may trigger off the past trauma or stress. This is often accompanied by what we call flashbacks. Flashbacks are bits of memory accompanied by feelings. You don’t remember the whole event, just bits of the event. There is no beginning or end just fragments of the memory.

There are many methods out there to restore the body and brain back to balance, one of them is hypnosis.

For a past trauma or stress to be resolved the body and brain need to know that it is over and you are safe, and that you have control over the event. Unlike most conventional treatment hypnosis allows you to resolve past events quickly, safely and effectively.

If you are suffering from anxiety, depression or PTSD consider hypnosis, you will be surprised at how effective it is.

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