How to eat an elephant

When we are dissatisfied with our lives, when our lives are filled with stress, anxiety and depression there comes a point in our lives where we realise that we have to change. One of the biggest problems is that when we look at what we want to change it becomes too much and overwhelms us. When we go into that state it’s easier to stay where we are.

When we want to change our lives or what we are doing looking at the big picture will overwhelm you. Making change is like eating an elephant, one bite at a time!

When you have made the decision to change and you know what you want to change break it down into steps, bites if you will. Break it down to the smallest step so that you can take action straight away. Often this step is as small as picking up a pen.

When you take action you can focus on that particular action instead of the overwhelming big picture. Take action in one small bite at a time and your chances of success will go through the roof.

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