Coping with Trauma

The two most common ways to cope with trauma are:

To talk about it with everyone.

To keep it inside and tell nobody.

Whist this is a way of coping it is often not successful. The trauma and guilt is still there and it eats away at you until you express it as anger, depression, anxiety and numerous other ways. It changes you and people often comment that you have changed.

Until you resolve this trauma or anxiety your coping mechanism will be at best not very effective. I’m not saying that some people can’t cope but they are few and far between.

For past trauma and anxiety to be resolved you need to know two things;

  1. It’s over and you are safe.
  2. You have power over past unresolved events.

Tradition methods of achieving this usually take a long time and can be quite hit and miss. Hypnosis is now showing us that past unresolved events can be quickly and successfully resolved. In fact it is quite remarkable how hypnosis, The Richards Trauma Method, can resolve past trauma and anxiety to allow a person to move forward.

If you are suffering the effects of unresolved trauma look at hypnosis and the way it can help you.

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