TRTP resolves trauma in the mind and body

What is TRTP?

Do you feel out of sorts on the inside?  You don’t know what is wrong, but you are snappy, feel angry out of the blue, or overreact to really small issues?  You upset people and feel bad afterwards but don’t seem to be able to stop doing it, no matter how hard you try.  That heaviness in your body, the anxiety when you go out and the depression you never seem to get free of is overwhelming everything good in your life.

Believe me, You are not alone!  In fact, this scenario is so common.   TRTP ™ – The Richards Trauma Process – was created to resolve these symptoms and much more.

What is The Richards Trauma Process?

TRTP ™ is a unique and very flexible process of dynamic re-imagination.  This is not ‘talk therapy.’  It is different from psychology as it is fast-paced, and clients are not required to ‘tell their story’  or relive the past in their session with the therapist.  Peer studies and external audits and reviews of before and after DAS (depression, anxiety, stress) assessments have accredited a 95% success rate when analysing long-term client outcomes.

Over the past two decades, more and more research has been presented by the leaders in brain plasticity, mental health and the effects of trauma such as Bessels van der Kolk  (The Body Keeps a Score) and Peter Levine (Waking the Tiger Within) and many others.

The Body Keeps a Score

This research shows that highly emotive and distressing events can, and do, get stuck and not processed from short-term memory to long term memory our body mind and soul hold onto emotional traumaif you have excessive stress hormones or suffer a severe traumatic experience.  All events, as they happen, should naturally pass from present memory into the storeroom of past memories.  The part of the mind is responsible for releasing the ‘chemical’ to action this process is the hippocampus.  But for reasons that are not quite clear, sometimes the process gets stuck.  The chemical is not released, the coding doesn’t happen, and the ‘event’ stays in the ‘present’ and our brain ‘thinks’ it is still happening right now!   What does that mean?

I’m Not Safe

Our mind is alert, it’s yelling at us, there’s danger, it’s happening right now!!  Every muscle, every nerve, every part of our being is screaming ‘I am Not safe!’  The body is in constant fight, flight, freeze,  it becomes tense, ‘waiting for something to happen!’  And the symptoms you feel in your life are anxiety, panic attacks, depression and anger. Physical symptoms such as neck pain, headaches, stomach complaints, sleeplessness, inability to make decisions.   Bad habits like drinking, gambling, emotional eating; unacceptable behaviour and PTSD and Complex-PTSD.  The list goes on.

Who Benefits from TRTP?

TRTP ™ is a dynamic reimagination neuro-therapy – a combination of proven psychology principles in an elegant highly successful process.  To name a few:  Gestalt, Mindfulness, Ego-state Therapy, Choice Therapy, Cognitive Therapy, Parts Therapy, Emotion-focused Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Dream Rehearsal Therapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Our clients experience different challenges.   Trauma underlies the symptoms experienced.  Trauma underlies Anxiety, depression, anger, OCD, phobias, and addictive behaviours.

Habits such as excessive drinking, gambling start by the need to ‘block out’ a feeling or memory.  Overeating or emotional eating will almost always have abuse of some sort – emotional, sexual or physical – as an underlying factor.

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Past Events Repeated

Traumatic events that happened in our childhood often repeat.  What do I mean?  Take bullying.  Bullied as a child, whether by your parents, siblings, friends, or strangers,  the Unprocessed events recurprobability this will ‘re-occur’ as domestic violence, workplace bullying, or similar is very high.  To test this – cast your mind back to an emotional past event and note how you feel today.  Can you bring up the memory of those events without feeling any emotion?  Is there a twinge of fear, helplessness, anger, regret?  Anything!   Think back over your timeline or lifespan…. What pops out at you as ‘stressful’ events?

Our History tells the Story

Were there other similar circumstances where you felt bullied, not listen to, walked over?  Only events not encoded in the brain to the long-term memory will stand out.  This is because our history shows the ‘pattern’ of repeat experiences until we resolve the underlying cause.    We have all heard the saying:  Learn the lesson or you will get it again.   We need to take control of our past.

Resolving Trauma

2 things need to happen to resolve trauma (stated by van der Kolk, Levine and other trauma experts)

  1. The body and mind need to know the past events are over and ‘I am Safe’ and
  2. That you have power and control over the events.

TRTP ™  allows these two conditions to occur naturally during the three standard sessions.

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