Breaking Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is an epidemic in our society.  Almost every week we hear of yet another family smashed apart by the anger and violence of a domestic violence situation.   One of the top causes of stress, anxiety, depression, and PTSD is breakdown down of family relationships.  Families are in survival mode.   One of the top causes of PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – is from family violence.

Violence affects everyone.

When a child grows up seeing violence as a normal way of dealing with conflict, the child is prone to either perpetrate or become a victim of violence.   When people suffer from anxiety and depression, or PTSD, they tend to  ‘react, rather than respond to problems.  Their ability to control their emotions diminishes.  They are in survival mode.  These people cannot function properly and frequently cannot work. The ripple effect is more health care facilities must be diverted to their care. More tax dollars are diverted for medication.

Violence begets Violence

domestic violence

Domestic violence is often the result of unresolved stress and trauma.  Often the anger and disrespect involved in domestic violence situations originate from a history of violence in the person’s childhood.   Violence does beget violence.  This especially true when children are ‘fed’ a daily dose of aggressive behavior.

Social Media, Tv and Internet

Movies, the internet, Google, Social media and our ever-present ‘gaming’ addiction also plays a big part in the acceptance of violence in our society.  It has never been so easy to bully and disrespect a person and suffer no consequences. The incidents of bullying and disrespect among teenagers is increasing.  When a person hurts another and ‘gets away with it’ they generally suffer no guilt!  In fact, often it builds false confidence and bravado and encourages the person to ‘do it again!’  This person then carries the ‘attitude’ with them into adulthood.

Lack of Money

Another factor contributing to domestic violence is the lack of money. The economy has never really recovered from the GFC so it means that there is less money available. When people do not have sufficient money, they become anxious and stressed.  Financial insecurity triggers many emotions.  Often these relate to fear, anger and resentment.   There is an old saying “when there is no money, love flies out the window!’  In my experience, money is one of the biggest causes of relationship breakdowns.

Knowing You are Safe

When you are involved in a domestic violence situation (relationship breakdown) it is essential to look at the problems without emotions.  This is impossible sometimes.  When you are feeling threatened, the Body and Mind only has 3 choices.  Fight, Flight, or Freeze!  Subconsciously, a person reacts based on their ‘habit’ of dealing with threats.   So, if you have a history of violence, your natural instinct when you are threatened is to ‘fight!’   It is not right.  But nor is it wrong!  It is the natural instinct to stay safe.   This is why it is essential to curb the violence in our homes.  To stop our children from feeding on violence in video games and movies.

In order to break the cycle of violence, depression and prolonged anxiety in our society we need to take back control.    One of the ways to do this is to resolve the events that have been overpowering you. ‘The Richards Trauma Process” helps to achieve this by using hypnosis. In just three sessions you can break free from reacting with violence and/or anger when things don’t go right!   It is possible to take back control of your emotions and learn new ways to cope with anxiety.   The triggers events that cause domestic violence in your life can be quickly, safely and effectively removed.

Can I be Hypnotised?

One of the most common questions asked is can I be hypnotized?  Just about everybody can be hypnotized. People who cannot focus or follow instructions are not good candidates for hypnosis.  Nor is the therapy if you don’t want the result.  For example, Hypnosis works brilliantly to quit smoking, but only if you want to quit!!    Another question often asked is how can you do this so quickly? Your unresolved stress or trauma operates in the subconscious mind. Hypnosis enables you to give suggestions to the subconscious mind so that you can resolve your stress or trauma.

Hypnosis is proving to quickly and effectively breaks the cycle and remove the effects of domestic violence. In three to four visits the effects of domestic violence can be resolved.

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