Unconscious Core Beliefs (UCB’s)

Unconscious core beliefs (UCB’s) are the beliefs that we all have about ourselves.  You know ‘that little voice in your head’ that speaks to you every time you decide to change a habit, try something new or a bit scary!  They can be positive or negative. Our negative UCB’s hold us back and prevent us from making changes in our lives. You will often find out what a UCB is when you say, “I can’t do that”. So, where do these UCB’s come from?

Unconscious Core Beliefs

From when we are in the womb to the age of 7 we are like sponges. Its possibleWe don’t have a filter so we take on board all that is said to us. If someone repeatedly tells us we are useless,  then we take on as a UCB. By the same token is someone tells us that we are fantastic then that is also taken on as a UCB. Here’s the thing, these UCB’s are often not true!! They are thoughts mostly not even our own thoughts that we have taken on.

What Do You Believe, That Isn’t True?

As we go on in life we take on other UCB’s from others and from life experiences. Often, especially the negative ones are not true. I had to learn a second language at school and I was really bad at it. I spent many years telling people that I could not learn a second language. Later, in life, I had to go back to where I had been brought up and became fluent in this language. The UCB was not true!

As mentioned earlier, when you want to make changes you must break your UCB’s as they prevent and sabotage change. The question is, how do you break your negative UCB’s?

One of the most successful ways that I know to break Unconscious Core Beliefs is to use hypnosis. Your UCB’s reside in your unconscious mind and if you want to change them it makes sense to change them in the unconscious.

Hypnosis enables you to give suggestions to the unconscious mind. The unconscious does not question what suggestions it’s given and so you can give the unconscious minds suggestions that change UCB’s.
If you are at a point where you feel that you have to make changes in your life then I would suggest that you look hypnosis to change your Unconscious Core Beliefs.

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