The Anger Within

Just recently I had a very meek and mild woman attend to resolve her past stress and trauma. My ‘go to’ therapy,  The Richards Trauma Process is perfect to achieve this. This process uses hypnosis and to be successful ‘the client’ must be able to express anger.

Can’t Get Angry

When I told my client this she replied, “I don’t think I can get angry!  I have forgiven everybody. I have no anger any more!”  My response was bull……..!!   I could see from her ‘body language and physical symptoms’ this was not the case.
Most past stress and trauma has anger attached to it.  If we do not The Anger withinexpress it, the emotion stays within us squashed down.  When any negative emotion is shut down and ignored it can lead to stress, depression, anxiety, and possibly PTSD.

Two Types of Anger

When you look at two dogs after a fight you will see them shivering and shaking. It’s not because they are frightened, it’s because they are getting all the anger and energy associated with the event out. We as evolved humans keep that anger within, it’s like a poison.
There are two types of anger; righteous and black anger. A wave of righteous anger is one that is directed at an event or the perpetrator of the event. A fit of black anger is one where it is vomited over everything and anything with no purpose.

Take Control

When we release the anger from a past event, we are able to control the emotions related to the event rather than the event controlling us.
When I explained this, the lady said, “Okay, I understand.  I’ll do what you say.  I will trust you.  To say she was successful at becoming angry would be an understatement. She screamed and raved during the session.

Release the Emotion

She definitely released that built up emotion.   When her therapy session was complete,  she sat, looking very happy and satisfied and said,  “I didn’t know I had so much frustration and annoyance locked inside me.  I feel as if I have had a load taken off my shoulders!  I actually feel lighter!”
For you to be able to have control over past stress and trauma you must let go of the negative emotions associated with it. The Richards Trauma Process allows you to do this quickly, effectively, and above all safely. If you want to know more give me a call on 1300 64 53 54.

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