Stress, Anxiety, Depression – Address the Cause

Typically, prolonged stress, anxiety, and depression is treated with chemicals,  known as anti-depressants. This treatment addresses the symptoms but, not the cause.  It is a band-aid, to give the person the ability to get on with life while undergoing counselling or other treatment.    One of the side effects of his treatment is that it can cause the person to become dependant on the drugs.

TRTPAnxiety is Unconscious

Traditionally stress, anxiety, and depression takes several months or even years of  treatment.  The most common method is involves ‘talk therapy’ which addresses the issue consciously.  However, the root of the problem is in the unconscious mind.   Prolonged anxiety and related stress generally are connected to a ‘fear’ of ‘something’ happening in the future.  Fear makes ‘us feel unsafe’ but often it is an unconscious feeling.  Your unconscious mind does not feel safe, which physically presents as stress, anxiety and depression.

It’s Not Safe!

So why does the unconscious mind not feel safe? The answer is that it is a result of unresolved stress and trauma from the past. When you have unresolved stress or trauma the mind and body is constantly reliving the event or events. This means that the unconscious mind does not feel safe and you stay in a survival condition known as Flight, Fight or Freeze (FFF). You are primed all of the time to run away, fight or freeze.

Let’s face it if you are in this condition of FFF then you are in a high level of stress which leads to other symptoms such as anxiety, depression, PTSD and even immune disorders.
To get out of this vicious cycle the brain and body needs to know that it’s safe and the event or events are over and that you have power over the event or events.

The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP) uses hypnosis to achieve this quickly and efficiently. Hypnosis enables you to give suggestions to the unconscious mind and achieve the balance that is needed to stop stress, anxiety, depression and other symptoms.
If you would like more information on how to remove long term stress, anxiety and depression call us and arrange a complimentary session on how TRTP works.

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